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That one special voice...

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Welcome to claim_a_voice. This is a community where you can claim that special someone's voice who changed your life. Or just claim your fav celeb's sexy voice. Whatever you want. All claims are open. We, meaning, April aka anticipatience and Steph aka whenimgone created this because in our lives we've had that special someone's voice impact us. That and we really like Justin Timberlake's voice. LOL But welcome to our community and invite all your friends. We look forward to it growing.



03.26.05 - No new community news at this time.

PLEASE state whether your claim is a singer, actor/actress, etc.

one claim per person, except us because we made it, so we get as many as we want, so nah, lol, and please check the claims list before claiming

once a voice has been claimed it cannot be claimed again, so claim fast before its gone.

claim anyone you want within reason, such as claiming your dog's bark, that's just nuts.

don't try and claim more then one voice under another name, or under the same name a week later, we'll know and take both your claims away, its just not fair to everyone else.

you must join the community before claiming your voice and any claims made in comments will be ignored.

if you leave the community or delete your journal, your claim will be deleted, so if your changing journal names let us know so you can keep your claim.

please don't email us with claims, or ranting about stupid crap, it'll just get us pissed and make us ignore you.

once you have claimed a voice, it's yours! NO CHANGING CLAIMS! We've had too much abuse with this subject.

Maintaining a community is hard work, so if you don't see your claim up right away don't come whining, that'll get your claim deleted. We'll do our best to keep the list current, but if it happens that more then one person makes a claim for the same voice, the first to claim it will have it.

Do not promote other communities here unless they are other CLAIM communities!

The rules are simple and not hard to follow, but there are morons who can't follow rules, which is the reason we have to have rules in the first place. Just help us out, and things will go great. Ciao!


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